Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Been A While

Hi guy's..

It's been a while since the last time I wrote in this blog..I was quite busy as I was required to work at client site somewhere in Bukit Bintang,KL.I was asked to develop a system for their used, together with my fellow programmer friend.And it seems I don't have much time to post something in my blog.I'm sure I don't have any hit right now,since it's new and I only have two post.Hahaha..

It was quit frustrating since I cannot log on to my Facebook account at my current office which is the client office because of their policy not to allow any social networking on the office hour.Hahaha.. It seems that this policy was applied to most of the government agency.So, it's always work,work and more work.Plus,I have a dateline to catch.

Hmm.. I feel like writting in Bahasa Malaysia..

So, hari ni aku tak pergi ke mana2.Mungkin kejap lagi aku keluar.Bosan jugak duduk rumah tanpa buat apa2.Layan la movie,series dan anime. Hahahaha.. Nak ajak kawan keluar,tak tau siapa yang aku nak ajak.Girlfriend pun takde,orang lain mesti tengah syok dating ngan girlfriend diorang kan.Ada jugak kawan aku yang pergi bercuti dengan family diorang.Pun best jugak tu.Takkan aku nak duduk atas katil je sepanjang hari ni.Hmm.. Keluar la kejap lagi.

Semalam kawan aku cakap harga minyak naik lagi.Sebelum ni RON 97 naik 15 sen kalau tak silap.Semalam Ron 95 pulak yang naik.Kawan aku suruh aku isi minyak penuh2 semalam.Mesti ramai orang isi minyak semalam,tapi aku pergi tengok tak ramai pun.Aku isi RM20 je untuk Cik Myvi aku..Hehehe..Ramai orang tak puas hati pasal kenaikan harga minyak ni.Lepas tu semua kutuk2 pihak itu,pihak ini.Bagi aku kalau dah memang terpaksa dinaikkan nak buat macam mana.Ikut je la.Minyak tu keperluan jugak.Kalau taknak,jangan pakai kereta or motor.Hehehe..Jalan kaki je.Atau naik je perngankutan awam.Sebut pasal pengangkutan awam ni,aku ade berniat nak naik tren la pergi kerja.Dah lama sangat rasanya tak naik pengangkutan awam ni.Huhuhu.. Akan difikirkan.Berapa agaknya tambang tren sekarang ye..?

Hmm..O.k.. Setakat ini dulu la..Nanti2 aku sambung.. Chow..

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hello world..!

Hahaha...Finally, I have my own blog. Everybody have their own blog nowdays. So, I couldn't find myself a reason not to have my own blog. Just to keep myself in the game. do I start..Let see.. Why don't I tell you guy's a little bit about myself..

People call me, Danil. But there's a lot of people call me Daniel. I have no idea why. Maybe the name Daniel is more out there. People often think of me as a Chinese guy when they first met me. Plus,when I told them my name is Danil all they heard is Daniel and that name makes them think I'm Chinese guy.But I'm not,people. How could I be a Chinese guy when I can't even speak Chinese. I'm Malay.. Hahhaha.. I'm 24 this year. A lot of things happen to me this past 24 years of my life. I'll share with you guy's later.But, I can assure you,nothing interesting..hahaha.. I'm a proud citizen of Malaysia. I was born in KL. I live in KL,I study in KL and now I work in KL. Hahaha.. 

I worked in IT field,for almost 3 years now. Ya, 3 years exactly. I like my job,I love doing what I'm doing right now. But I think it's time for me to move on to a bigger field. You know what I'm sayin..This ship is ready to cruise on the big sea man.. Hahaha.. I need a bigger catch..And for that purpose, I went to the carrer fair today. You guy's should check it out.. My Career Fair 2010. Especially for the fresh graduate,this is something you shouldn't miss, I'm tellin you.. I drop a few of my resumes for a few big company and hoping for them to look it up. I had my interview with a big and a well known company in Malaysia a past few days ago. But still to receive any feedback. Hmm.. I really want that job so badly.

Hmm.. I think that's it for now. I'll come back later. Gotta sleep,my eyes were barely open right right now..Hahaha.. damn, it's 2.16 already.O.k.. See you..